Enclave presents Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part

Tomb - Shrine - Survey-Marker - Spare-Part

Enclave presents Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare Part, Sam Austen, Ben Cove, Cathy Haynes, Lawrence Lek, SuperlativeTV
Part II of Sci-Fi Paganism curated by Lucy A. Sames

Runs until October 26, 2014 / Enclave / London

Supported by The Arts Council England
Shortlisted for the Artquest Workweek Prize

Sci-Fi Paganism zine includes words and texts by Sam Austen / Sovay Berriman / Rowena Harris / Cathy Haynes / Dean Kenning / Lawrence Lek / Plastique Fantastique / Lucy A. Sames

Sculptural objects as standing stones.

Referencing John McCracken's minimalist "planks" and their apocryphal appearance in Stanley Kubrick's 2001 : A Space Odyssey, Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part considers sculptural objects as technical, futuristic monoliths for communicating across space, time and lifeforms.

Included in Tomb, Shrine, Survey Marker, Spare Part will be new sculptural works by Ben Cove and Cathy Haynes; a new video simulation by Lawrence Lek; new multi-channel video work and broadcast on Resonance FM by Superlative TV; an existing 16mm film work by Sam Austen (transferred to Blu-ray) and existing paintings by Karen David.

The Sci-Fi Paganism programme takes as its starting point the mythological communications of artists and thinkers with real/imagined extraterrestrials through artistic practices of the 1960s/'70s counterculture. Part I of Sci-Fi Paganism, The Starseed Transmission took place at Enclave in September 2013 and featured Sovay Berriman, Rowena Harris, Dean Kenning, Inês Rebelo and Plastique Fantastique.

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