AMY HILL : The Age of Delightenment

Amy Hill / "Two Goth Women", 2013

oil on wood / 13"x15"

courtesy of the artist and Front Room, Brooklyn, New York

AMY HILL : The Age of Delightenment

September 6 until October 13, 2013 / Viewing hours : Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appointment

Front Room is proud to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Amy Hill. Hill composes contemporary scenes inspired by pious gestures and devout expressions of Fifteenth century Flemish altarpieces and portraits. Her past series portrayed "Bikers" via Rembrandt and "Bohemians" a la Memling, now she turns worshippers of Mary into "Goth Girls." Featured in this exhibition will be Amy Hill's "Seven Deadly Sins" series, in which Hill references the central panel of Han Memling's Triptych of Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation. The figure's pose and the iconography are transmuted to relate a contemporary update on the concept of the seven deadly sins. Apathy, Distraction, Deprivation, Nymphomania, Paranoia, Syntheticity and Workaholism replace the traditionally known sins, reflecting the current vices plaguing society. While the structure of each painting retains elemental features of Memling's Vanity, Hill redirects their reference to contemporary associations.

Amy Hill's series "Women in Goth Clothing" relates the history of portraiture through the history of fashion. Clothing elements of the past, such as large ruffled collars, puffed-up sleeves and the folds of draping fabric can be seen as the primary concern in compositions of many well-known images. Hill considers the historical poses that accentuate these fashions and utilizes them as a departure point, attributing contemporary clothing trends as an indicator of current times. Hill retains the primary characterizations of 15th century Flemish art with her use of idealism and experimentation with perspective, creating portraits that are a contemporary reflection of the past. The subjects of her paintings are chosen from the fringes of society where there is more self-expression and give a more impactful view of today's society.

Using a traditional oil glazing technique, these new series of paintings reveals the individuality of her subjects through style of dress and ornamentation. Their rigid positioning and formal poses accentuate the universal struggle to conform to the social constraints of the day. The juxtaposition of modern dress with primitive poses questions their placement in time, creating a tension both eerie and unsettling.

The Front Room
147 Roebling St
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
New York, NY
T : +1 (718) 782-2556

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