Archisle : Open Photography Exhibition 2013

Archisle - Open Photography Exhibition 2013

Open Photography Exhibition 2013

Deadline : September 16, 2013

First Prize : £2,000
Second Prize: £1,000
Third Prize : £500.00
Young Photographer: £300.00

The Project

Archisle, a project hosted by the Société Jersiaise, St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands aims to promote contemporary photography through an ongoing programme of exhibitions, educational initiatives and commissions. Archisle seeks to connect the archive and the contemporary and to enact visual discourses through photography on island experiences; islands of fact and of fiction, islands of the earth and islands of the mind.

The Brief


It has often been said that the eyes are windows to the soul or that the face is an index of the mind. Portrait photographs, by extension, can be read as carrying these messages of the face. But are portraits not performance pieces, severed at conception from their subjects? Such performances, nonetheless, are necessary for knowing and moving through the world. Portraits are, in a sense, photographers' forensics in the search for fugitive selves and at the inner/outer junction of expression they must conduct their investigations.

In architecture and the natural world, artists have negotiated the border between the interior, a place of habitation, and the landscape beyond. 'Places we live in and places we live by,' material and mythical geographies. As house is to home, 'the one allows us to live our lives, the other gives meaning to our existence. As humans we require both.' (Gillis, 2004).

Portraits, places and spaces, as images, are subject to interchanges of function and meaning. In 2013 the Archisle Project invites submissions of three photographs in response to: Interior/Exterior.

The Panel

Gareth Syvret
Project Leader, Archisle: The Jersey Contemporary Photography Program

Michelle Sank
Archisle International Photographer in Residence 2013

Jean-Christophe Godet
Director, Guernsey Photography Festival

The Exhibition

Archisle #2 Open Photography Exhibition

Winning and selected photographs will be exhibited at the Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier, Jersey from 18th November to 7th December 2013 and online


Full submission details and online entries here.

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