Artist Opportunities : Villa Sträuli Studio Residencies, Switzerland

Call for application / Deadline : January 31, 2013 / Application fee : none

Two studios are awarded at the same time for residencies of 5 months in length; one studio is granted upon application for shorter projects. The studios are available to artists and art professionals of all disciplines and backgrounds.
Who can apply?

Artists from abroad of all disciplines, irrespective of age or nationality, as well as scholars and educators associated with the arts (e.g. curators, museum educators). The studio for visual arts is not suitable for sculpture.
Applicants should be able to communicate in one of Switzerland’s national languages (German, French, or Italian) or in English.

As the salons can be used for cultural events and may also be rented for private occasions non-resident guests are often encountered in the Villa. The studios are therefore best suited for those who value contact and exchange with the public.


An artist invited to participate in a studio residency at the Villa Sträuli is to try to obtain a grant in his/her native country to cover living and travel expenses. Should all requests be denied, an application for a contribution toward living costs may be made to the Sulzberg Foundation. The maximum stipend amount awarded by the Sulzberg Foundation is 1500 Swiss francs per month. This is only valuable for longterm residencies (5 months). For short term residencies the Sulzberg Foundation is not able to give any grants. Travel costs to Switzerland must be payed by the applicants.

Copies of grant applications denied or an explanation as to why a grant cannot be provided in the artist’s native country are to be submitted to the Stiftung Sulzberg with requests for financial assistance.

Further Info :

Application :

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