Pandamonium : Signal Gallery

Pandamonium : Signal Gallery

Private viewing // May 31, 2012 // Show runs June 1 until June 16, 2012 // Signal Gallery // London

Over the years, it appears that many artists have been inspired by the iconic image of the Panda. This group show pays homage to the Panda and the entire exhibit is dedicated to the cuddly creatures. Art group exhibit featuring : C215, Dale Grimshaw, Jef Aerosol, Elinor Evans, Byroglyphics (Russ Mills), SPQR, TRXTR, David Lee Fleming, Gaye Black, Frank Rannou, Joram Roukes, Lora Zombie, Chris bell and Jane Price.

Portion of sales from the show will be donated to the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)

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