Mindy Shapero : Blinded by the Light

Mindy Shapero : Blinded by the Light
Mindy Shapero // 2012 // not titled yet
mixed media on paper // 183 x 195 cm
courtesy of The Breeder, Athens

Blinded by the Light // opening reception : Saturday the April 7 2012 // 19 h until 22 h // exhibition runs : April 7, 2012 until the June 2, 2012 // gallery hours : Tuesday to Saturday 12 h 18 h // The Breeder // Athens, Greece

The Breeder will be presenting Mindy Shapero’s latest art exhibition “Blinded by the light” hosted in the gallery from the 7th of April 2012 to the 2nd of June 2012. The exhibition will be introducing sculptures, objects and large paper works giving a manifold outlook on Shapero’s onerous latest creations.

All of her works rotate around a complex mythology she herself created in the last decade. By drawing upon the homonymous Bruce Springsteen song for the title of the exhibition Shapero propositions a narrative intention, a vade mecum for the spectator to follow. “Blinded by the light” is an imaginary object central to Shapero’s mythology, a talisman so powerful that one goes instantly blind when looking at it with both eyes. The only rescue is to resist the magnetic urge to look at it or to approach it with an eye patch.

The ground floor of the exhibit intends to exteriorize the inside of the blinded by the light and to render it visible to the spectator. The sculptures are essentially images of what certain stages can look like from the blinded by the light’s perspective. The drawings are black holes or explosions, psychedelic depictions of the chaos raging inside the inner eye.

In the basement the narrative evolves towards the deeper core of the blinded by the light. According to the artist’s mythology colours have to be used all together in order to avoid a certain hierarchy. At the same time all colours together equal no colour at all, that is: black and white. In this part of the exhibition bright colours tend to vanish and make room for bleaker tones. As one descends deeper in the inner body, everything becomes more black until darkness sets in.

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